Back to the Sun

I meditated with my back to the sun today.  I did this as an intentional prayer to those living in the dark.  I did it to show my gratitude for the moments that hurt us the most because those moments build our strength in a way that no amount of running or weightlifting ever could.

Admittedly, it’s easier to be grateful for the sun – and oftentimes gratitude for darkness doesn’t come until the struggle has passed and retrospection provides insight.  Nonetheless, the gratitude inevitably comes.  Maybe one day you look out and see just the reflection of light.  Eventually you’ll remember you can turn your face and feel its warmth.

The sickness in the dark is when it feels as though that’s all there will ever be.  My prayer today is for those trapped in the sick dark.  That we might be able to hold on for when the struggle becomes hindsight which blessedly brings sweet gratitude.






3 thoughts on “Back to the Sun

  1. In those days when I wake up feeling I have no reason to get out of bed, I like hearing the tick-tack of my watch… Tick-tack… tick-tack… What a nice reminder that the “darkness” won’t last, because every second that passes is part of the past… Nothing stays forever, everything is impermanent… So, I’m thankful for having the opportunity to cry today, because that memory will be a reason to smile tomorrow. 🙂

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