Meditation on Water

I knew I needed some quiet time today.

Life has been full lately and I’ve been swept up in the waves.  This morning I remembered how I want to carry myself:  gently.  Like a bowl of water.  If I’m running around without stopping, the water will churn and spill.  Handled mindfully though, the water can be clear and still.

I remembered that I’m made of so much water; I looked to the biggest part of myself for guidance.  I remembered that the top of  the sea can look wild but the current moves confidently, slowly and with purpose deep below the waves.

So too can it be with us.

We are not our schedules.  We’re not defined by how busy we are, what we do for a living, what kind of a car we drive, how many activities our kids are signed up for …..

The truest part of me is beneath all of that.  It is moving slowly and with purpose and sometimes when I look very deep within myself, it is still.





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